Self Taught, Determined

I've been teaching myself software development at night while working on cars full time during the day.

Web Development

From custom built websites to CMS systems such as Joomla and Wordpress, I have worked on it. I am currently in love with the Laravel framework and spend most of my time building out sites using php.

Mobile App Development

I have experience building cross platform apps using C# in Xamarin Forms. I have successfully deployed a couple of cross platform apps for Android, Iphones, and UWP devices.

Video Game Development

I enjoy spending my spare time writing games using Unity and Unreal Engine. I'm familair with the entire process from idea to release.

Highlighted Projects

I was tasked with building a full featured website for the shop I've turned wrenches at for 20 years. It was a fun project built entirely with Laravel. I'm confident in my HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP skills. The full website includes a login system with email verification through mailgun. The login system manages Auto-Motion Inc's online dyno waiver system. Their customers can login and complete online waivers before their car goes on the dyno. The front end and back end were handled solely by me. The design and color choices were all chosen by the owner of Auto-Motion Inc.


This was a web project I put together for the guys over at Discount Equity. Their original page was a single page site provided by the company they purchased the domain name from. They wanted the ability to make changes easily and monitor their web traffic to and from the site. Google analytics was used and gives them the information they were looking for.


Mobile App Development

I'm a big nerd. when my friends and I started playing a board game called "Gloomhaven," I realized the need for accurate tracking our progress without pen and paper. I developed a cross platform mobile application that consumed a custom built restAPI to create accounts, login, and sync all important details of our game. It was a fun project and I learned so much along the way. Since then, I have built and deployed several small apps such as a tip calculator and a note taking app. They were built by me because I was tired of the free ones available that had ads. I'm experienced implementing sqlite into my projects and it has served it's purpose well for local storage for certain mobile applications.

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Personal details about me.

A few years ago I tasked myself with learning to code and have completely revamped my personal goals for the future. While being an automotive technician has served me well, it's time to move on to bigger and better things. I have been spending most of my self-learning time dedicated to Mobile App development using Xamarin forms with C#. Xamarin forms allows me to develop cross-platform apps across Android, iPhone, and UWP devices. It's been a wild learning experience and I'm ready to join a team to grow with. I have challenged myself to build automotive-related android apps to ease the day to day tasks at the shop. These apps include an employee database manager, and a car VIN# decoder consuming the NHTSA rest API. I have also been managing small websites for a couple of local businesses since 2002 and still actively manage

My Automotive Career

Officially speaking I am a self-taught ASE certified Master automotive technician. Since my childhood in the 80s and 90s, I've been surrounded by technology. I am a quick learner and able to excel at anything I put my mind to. I took my love for computers and programming into the automotive world where I found ease in an overcomplicated workflow. Using dozens of different software packages, machines, apps, etc, I can repair most software/programming issues related to automobiles. I am also a proficient high-performance tuner with years of experience tuning Subarus, Fords, and GM vehicles. Software use and computer networking have always come naturally to me. I am also a Cobb Protuner and am proud of my achievements in the high-performance industry.